Thursday, August 20, 2009

oh where, oh where, have i been...

Because i hate a "picture-less" post! couldn't you just squeeze him up?

Hey everyone, just wanted to let everyone know why i've had a lack of post lately. I have not quit blogging or sewing...haha. I have started student teaching so i'm only working on shirts a couple nights a week instead of every night. Therefore i won't be "blogging" everyday or maybe not even every other. I am still in business, of course, i LOVE doing this!!! So keep those orders coming!!! I am just spending most of my evenings with my family and a couple evenings sewing. I have new pictures to upload and will soon! I have sooo many orders to catch up over the weekend so i'll have lots of pictures hopefully on Monday. Also, i have an exciting incentive for the rest of this month...if you place an order for a shirt before September you will receive $5 off!

Thanks Everyone!!

...and by the way student teaching is going GREAT!!!! I'm loving working with kids everyday! I know God meant for me to be a teacher and make a positive difference in children's lives!

Happy Thursday! Have a great weekend!

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  1. hes soo freaking cute!......hes always dressed so the shoes.....