Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our front door "Pizazz"

I know what your thinking.....HOW CUUUUTE!!!!!
The talented lady that created the precious canvases for Korbin's nursery (i'll show pics soon of nursery) also created this beauty!! I love it! I emailed her a few days ago asking her if she could do me a fun, bright, summery sign for our front door. It turned out great! I can't wait to order more (seriously, i think i need one for every holiday/season!!).


Hello! Hello!
I want all my followers and/or customers to know about a giveaway that another blog is doing and my shirts are the giveaway!! Lyndsie at Lyndsiegivesaway.blogspot.com does some great giveaways/reviews and this week The Polka dot Tree is being featured. So head over and enter for your chance to win a shirt or towel personalize by me! Her button is to the right on my blog, so you can click it to get to her page!

Happy Thursday!!

If you have an order in, please make sure your name is on this list.
If not email me!! Thanks!

Cheryl W.

Natalie M.

Rhonda P.

Sarah A.

Sandi C.

Ashley M.

Baby Rhagan makes her PDT debut!

Rhagan is sporting her letter onesie and newborn hat with bow.
Is she not a doll!?!
Thanks for sending me pictures *Aunt* Blaklee!
She is precious!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy and her lil' Monster

Braxton is having a Monster Inc. themed party and of course Mommy needed a matching shirt!

I love that most of my customers get the brag tee when they order their children's bday shirts!

Thanks Lindsey for letting me create your custom tees!
You were a pleasure, i look forward to doing more for you!

Pregnancy update!!!

Collage of months 3, 5, and 6

In the picture below, Kolton was kissing my belly but my hubby couldn't catch it on camera :(
I don't think he understands there is a baby in there, but he notices that my belly is BIGGER...ha!
How far along: *in picture* 24 weeks (since this is a LATE post..tmro i'll actually be 26 weeks!)
How big is baby: accourding to babycenter.com...Korbin is over a 1 pound and 12 to 13 in. long.
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 15lbs
Maternity clothes: Pants..Yes. Shirts..No. I still wear my regular shirts for the most part. I have some maternity tops i like, its hard to find CUTE maternity tops!
Gender: Its a Boy!!
Movement: I love feeling this lil' boy kick and squirm inside my belly....its blissful!! He is very active at night when i lay down.
Food Cravings: I don't have hardly any cravings. I did crave homemade cupcakes this week though...i ate waaay to many...delish!!!
What I miss: sleeping on my belly!
Sleep: This month I've actually sleep better than the previous months...only 1 or 2 trips to the bathroom a night :) I am happy about that!
Best moment of the month: Celebrating my 3rd Mothers day...I love being a mommy! and...Getting my new glider/rocker. I love it!!! I wanted a really nice one with my first pregnancy and just hated getting it because of how expensive they are. But, my wonderful Mom and mother-n-law refused to let me say no, so they got us one. Its worth it!
What am i looking forward to: Decorating the nursery...We have ALL the stuff its just not up yet. Kolton's "big boy" room is complete but since his bed is so big and high we still let him use the crib/toddler bed to sleep in at night. So, i haven't gotten to decorate the nursery. But he will be moving rooms SOON! I'm a planner and its killing me not to have the nursery finished!!!

Happy Friday!

God is good!!

Since i'm having some uploading issues and my recent pics won't upload and i have a few extra minutes on my hands i thought i would do a list. I see this alot on other blogs and thought i would give it a try.....

My Favorite Things....in no particular order....just rambling!

Being a wife, being a mommy, family, friends, feeling Korbin kick and squirm inside my belly, outdoors, summer and fall (i wish we could only have 2 seasons), church, my cell phone, my Pandora bracelet and all the beads that mean something special, cupcakes, Kolton laughing, sonic cokes, PoHo's icecream, Olive Garden (ok i'm getting hungry), walks with my boys, my pregnant belly, decorating my house, good talks with my mom, buying gifts for people, teaching, being in Love, going to the movies, talking to Kolton (conversations with a toddler are the best!), a clean house, cuddling with my hubby, the beach, polka dots, cookouts, baby stuff, sunshine, a good book, rain at night, shopping, ohh and so much more but i think i'll i'll stop :)

Happy Thursday!!!

God is good!!
Also, i wanted everyone to know about a giveaway that another blogger is doing. It is from Baby be blessed (so cute). Head over to lyndsieraegivesaway.blogspot.com to enter the giveaway!
6month (24th week) pregnancy update coming soon...although alittle late. i wanted to post pics with the update so it will have to wait till the picture uploader is being cooperative!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cupcake shirt from Under The Polka dot Tree

Thanks Whitney!!

Lil' Jackson will be here soon!

Here is the baby shower gift I made Heather for her lil' buddle of joy that is on the way!
Jackson "aka" Jack
His nursery is decorated in sailboats from Pottery barn, so i matched his gift to that.
Of course, I added a picture frame since his momma is a wonderful professional photographer!
(She does all of Kolton's pictures)
personlized sailboat burpcloth
I love making buckets or baskets to put gifts in instead of bags.
I paid $2 for this blue rubber bucket (which is cheaper than a gift bag!) and then added stickers to personalize it and ribbon for cuteness!! Its a practical/re-usable way to make a gift even better! You can store toys, towels, books, blankets ext. in it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peace, Love, and Lily

Lily is having an ICarly party for her 6th bday and she loves peace signs.
I hope she has tons of fun and and loves her personalized shirt her Momma has ordered her!
Thanks Crystal!

School spirit tee

J. Frank White Academy

Mothers Day 2010

Let me start off by saying this was my Favorite Mother's Day so far....
I'm blessed with a healthy, fun, and handsome lil' boy, carrying another sweet baby boy in my belly and my own mom is healthy and amazing! Thus...it was the perfect Day!!!
At PoHo's (our Favorite local icecream spot)

Instead of Kolton saying "so good" when he likes food he says "so so"...haha!
I love this lil' boy SO much!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe in a couple months I will have 2 lil' boys to enjoy my life with!
And, of course I wouldn't leave out my own wonderful mom. We spent most of the day with her too. (This picture is my mom, brother and I) She is my rock and the best mom ever! I'm blessed to have an amazing mom to help me along the way to be the best mom i can be!
Thanks Mom for always being my best friend and such a wonderful "Nonna" to Kolton!!
Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Sorry guys, I promise to upload shirt pics soon!!! Promise.
Right now i have a different post. My best friend Savannah has been in ICU since Friday, so i haven't spent much time answering emails or checking the blog. I wanted to ask everyone to please be praying for her. It been a rough few days to say the least. She is doing better but still in the hospital. She is 26 and had a small stroke due to a tear in an artery in her neck. It was sudden and everything is still very scary right now. But, the news is getting better and she is doing great! She is a strong girl and God is watching over her!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Since its Cinco de Mayo I decided to have fun with it for dinner!
We had baked nachos, tacos, and non-alcoholic daiquiris. Oh my gosh...I'm sick i ate so many nachos, but it was worth it :) yummmmm!
My hubby and I decided we should have themed dinners from now on..ha!

She is....

This Mamaw wanted shirts for her lil' one to wear on the farm with papaw
and one that says her nickname...she was born in June.
Thanks Susie, Lynley will look precious in these!

Sunday, May 2, 2010




HAHA!....So that means you get your orders, get excited!! :)

Happy Sunday to your Family!