Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

Let me start off by saying this was my Favorite Mother's Day so far....
I'm blessed with a healthy, fun, and handsome lil' boy, carrying another sweet baby boy in my belly and my own mom is healthy and amazing! Thus...it was the perfect Day!!!
At PoHo's (our Favorite local icecream spot)

Instead of Kolton saying "so good" when he likes food he says "so so"...haha!
I love this lil' boy SO much!!!!!!!!!
I can't believe in a couple months I will have 2 lil' boys to enjoy my life with!
And, of course I wouldn't leave out my own wonderful mom. We spent most of the day with her too. (This picture is my mom, brother and I) She is my rock and the best mom ever! I'm blessed to have an amazing mom to help me along the way to be the best mom i can be!
Thanks Mom for always being my best friend and such a wonderful "Nonna" to Kolton!!
Happy Mothers Day!

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