Thursday, May 20, 2010

Since i'm having some uploading issues and my recent pics won't upload and i have a few extra minutes on my hands i thought i would do a list. I see this alot on other blogs and thought i would give it a try.....

My Favorite no particular order....just rambling!

Being a wife, being a mommy, family, friends, feeling Korbin kick and squirm inside my belly, outdoors, summer and fall (i wish we could only have 2 seasons), church, my cell phone, my Pandora bracelet and all the beads that mean something special, cupcakes, Kolton laughing, sonic cokes, PoHo's icecream, Olive Garden (ok i'm getting hungry), walks with my boys, my pregnant belly, decorating my house, good talks with my mom, buying gifts for people, teaching, being in Love, going to the movies, talking to Kolton (conversations with a toddler are the best!), a clean house, cuddling with my hubby, the beach, polka dots, cookouts, baby stuff, sunshine, a good book, rain at night, shopping, ohh and so much more but i think i'll i'll stop :)

Happy Thursday!!!

God is good!!
Also, i wanted everyone to know about a giveaway that another blogger is doing. It is from Baby be blessed (so cute). Head over to to enter the giveaway!
6month (24th week) pregnancy update coming soon...although alittle late. i wanted to post pics with the update so it will have to wait till the picture uploader is being cooperative!

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