Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I know that my blog is a blog for my business but,
i've been wanting to do a blog hop for awhile now....
The blog hop will be of your Fall/Halloween decorations! Since I LOVE Fall and the orange it brings to my life, i thought it would be great for us to visit each others blogs and see each others ideas for cute Fall decorations!! I don't know how to set up a linky thing soooo, for now just leave a comment that will link to your blog and the post that shares your Fall decorations. I can't wait to see your Fall decor!
(if you read my blog and don't have a blog yourself but wanna participate just email me)

**Above you will see a couple of my decorations...blogger isn't cooperating so this is all i could upload...for now. i painted these pumpkins and personalized one for kolton. What else did you think I would do to pumpkins....carve them?...nope i polka dot my pumpkins!! I also did one that says The Goins'. Oh, i just love Fall...more pics to come.

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