Wednesday, December 23, 2009

i'm still here!

Missing in Action....
I know i haven't blogged in about 10 days or so but i've been SO busy! Christmas shopping, sewing, giving my mom a surprise 50th bday (pictures later), cleaning, family dinners, of course spending needed time with my lil' man, and also, i start reading the Twilight series (more on that later too!!!) Anyways here are a couple pics of some orders lately. My camera went missing for a few days...of course my sweet lil' boy didn't hide it :) SO, i don't have pictures of like 10 orders. If you don't see your order pictured soon, please send me pics so i can post them! thanks so much! Well, i hope everyone is having the Happiest Christmas Season Ever! I promise to blog over the next two weeks, even though i won't be sewing...i decided to take a break till Jan. 3rd, remember. Then i hope to be sewing like crazy.
Baby gift for baby Madilynn in Michagan
School Spirit Tee for Jennifer
K is for Korbin Tee

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