Saturday, February 27, 2010

I need your help

OK, so this has nothing to do with cute shirts and polka dot bows....
I'm calling all mommy's to help me out!! My two and half year old has recently decided that every night when laid down to bed he would take all his pj's off and pull-up/diaper. We go in put them back on and 10min clothes...naked again. He is proud of this and just laughs when we come in. WE don't laugh we tell him no-no and its not nice for big boys to take their clothes off. We have even spanked him for it. But he doesn't care...last night he undressed 7 times before he finally gave up and fell asleep. I'm frustrated because i have no clue how to stop this other than what i'm doing and it doesn't seem to work. Our night-time routine has always been so peaceful, but lately we are all upset and its 11pm before he goes to bed....unlike the 9pm that it used to be! I need your help....suggestions/comments! Has this happened to you as a parent and what did you do?


  1. Ahahahahaa!! I have no idea what to tell you Ash, but I LOVE THIS STORY!! I know its frustrating for you, but its the cutest thing i've ever heard!! lol.. Love you guys, Meg

  2. Meg!!!! glad your following the blog...i miss you!! come home :) Yeah, it is pretty funny. We actually cracked up about it the first 2 nights(which didn't help the matter) but then we started thinking ok this is driving us crazy! The things kids do :) As long as he grows out of it..haha! love you girl!!

  3. Have you tried putting a onesie on so he cant pull it off or maybe just letting him be till he goes to sleep and dress him then. I know you don't want to here this but it will pass, just something he has found to do. Best of Luck!!