Friday, July 1, 2011

Boring!...but if you have an order in PLEASE READ!

"The list"
1. Melissa S.

-i have 5 orders pending payment, once payment is made i can put you on the list!! thanks so much!!!
-I have 2 orders needing to be "finalized" by answering some questions & payment.

*If your not on the list (and have paid) please email me!!!!

*If your not on the list (and have NOT paid -or- finalized your order) please email me, when your ready!

*mail orders> I sent out 6 orders last week or early this week....please let me know if you haven't received yours!

Here is the only order that is ready to be completed next week...
>Melissa S.  (i will deliver yours tuesday!  thanks!)

Sorry for the technical email....(boring! i know!)   
.....i'm just trying to get everything squared away so i can truly enjoy my "vacation"!

****Thanks so much to all of you!!!  I "heart" my customers!!!****

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