Saturday, May 9, 2009

May giveaway complements of "Under the Polka dot Tree" and "Tsharee"!!!

Tiff from the famous local blog  contacted me a couple days ago about doing a giveaway for the month of May, I was happy she thought of me to help with her giveaway.  Don’t miss out, you could win a FREE personalized shirt or towel from Under the Polka dot Tree!!!

What you need to do:

Go to Tiff’s blog entry to read the details , .  Then get to commenting!!  Thanks everyone for all your support and kindness, I feel so blessed to have such sweet customers!!!


  1. I think Your towels would be beautiful with my Step daughters name embroidered on it. Her name is Daria

  2. I just love your stuff!!! If I would win I would probally want a towell with my son's names on it Alex & Brax . I would like to talk to you about doing me a shirt with my son's school and Footbal # on it !!!!! I will send you an email