Monday, August 16, 2010

its almost time...

So, no baby yet. i have had false labor for 7days but not bad enough for them to admit me to the hospital and do the c-section early. I am scheduled for a c-section THIS Saturday!! i'll be 39 weeks. I had an emergency c=section with Kolton because his heart rate dropped really low and they had to get him out QUICKLY. I was wisked away to surgery and put to sleep (no time for epidural) not knowing what i was going to wake up to. I thank God every day for watching out for my baby boy who is now as rotten as ever!! He came out healthy and wonderful, but that doesn't mean it wasn't the scariest moment of my life. God is good!
So with that being said, i'm really nervous something may happen again. The dr.'s have reassured me that what happened with Kolton isn't common and are positive it won't happen again. But, that really doesn't ease my mind. Only trusting in God is what is easing my mind! So, if you think about me on Saturday morning say alittle prayer for us!
We are so excited our family of 3 is going to be a family of 4 in just 3 short days. Nick and I talked alot last night about how wonderful God is. We don't understand why, but God has blessed us tremendously! We are very undeserving and praise him for all of our blessings. We can not wait to begin this new journey with another lil' one by our side!! Korbin we can't wait to hold you!!
I thought i would do a collage of pregnancy pictures throughout my 9months....

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