Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Halloween...

"flying" on the swing set at our Church Halloween get together.
Its very rare i get a photo of the four of us especially one this cute :)
(No, my hubby was not the king of hearts for Halloween, my aunt was, and made him wear this for the picture.) We didn't dress up. We just went as boring ole' mom and dad! lol
Batman sure was enjoying that sucker!
Everytime i said "Batman smile for mommy" He would so cutely throw up that arm and say "TO THE RESCUE!"
He is so fun!!
Batman raiding the candy tub and one of my aunts home...
This was Korbin's first Halloween/Holiday! He was a spooky cute lil' ghost!
He did great running around all evening to our families homes but was exhausted by the evening.

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