Friday, February 25, 2011

Mickey Mouse, PlayDoh, and RSV

Last weekend i took my boys to Disney Live! Mickeys Magic show and we had a blast! Although Kolton was still alittle sick and slept through some of it he still was so happy and is still talking about it! And, of course, i made them some cute shirts to wear!
 This week we have stayed home everyday. So i had to get out the messy toys to keep my big guy happy while not getting out and about to run some energy off. PlayDoh isnt very messy so we played it A LOT! Its kolton's new favorite thing..
 The reason we have been isolated to our home is my baby boy Korbin has RSV and has been so sick and taking breathing treatments every 4 hours. I hate when my babies are sick, its heartbreaking :(     
This picture just breaks my heart at how weak he looks. He is getting better though and getting energy back today!!!
It seems sickness has taken over our home in the past 2 weeks i can not wait for all the germs to leave and be back to normal!

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