Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Teething, Toothaches, and TuTus...

Here at the Goins House we have had a rough few days...
As the title of this post states my sweet baby Korbin is teething awful and not sleeping at all. On top of that i have had a TERRIBLE toothache since Saturday and went to the dentist Tuesday morning and had it worked on. I have to have a root canal, i'm not excited AT ALL about that. Also, Kolton is sick with a low grade temp and bad cough. I'm one tired mommy, i hate that my babies aren't feeling good and that i myself i'm not 100% to take care of them...thank God my husband and the grandmas are helping out!!! 

On a good note here a some pics of a precious baby gift one of my great customers Amanda ordered for her sister who is getting ready to welcome a baby girl!

onesie, blanket, hat w/bow and of course a TUTU! 

Happy Thursday i hope your week is going better than mine! :)


  1. May I ask what this gift set cost? I am very interested in purchasing one! THanks!

  2. Sure! The blanket is 35. tutu 20. onesie 15. hat with bow 15. Total=$85. Thanks so much! Email me at if you would like to place an order!! :)