Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun in the sun!!

Since i didn't finish any orders tonight i thought i would still share some cute pics. Here is Kolton playing at a waterpark in knoxville..we went to the neatest little park in East-Knox. I didn't even know it was there.Its brand new and its so cool and Kolton LOVED it!!! There were sprinklers and fountains, a huge playground, and neat little activities. You just walk up to it, no fee or anything just a fun little waterpark for kids! I was thinking this would be a great place for a play date...if anyone is interested or just wants directions email me!


  1. Humm where is the place at in East Knox. I know Daria is 6 but she may still enjoy it.

  2. The park is behind the new Target, Ross, Old Navy stores off of the East Town Mall exit. She would still like it, there were some older kids there too!

  3. Do you turn up the road to go to the Farmers Market thing back there. I was over that way today and I didn't stop but I think I may have seen it. It wasn't pretty so I took Daria and my neices to putt putt in East Town.