Friday, June 19, 2009

The weather....again!

When the weather is like it has been this week (stormy) my internet runs slow and will not let me upload pictures. we have high speed hughes net, does anyone else have this problem? Anyways, I waited (kind of patiently) till today...and tried again but not luck! So this is a pictureless post....sorry! i do have orders done and most will be delivered tmro! I'll be calling or emailing all of you. Sorry you can't preview your order but i'm trying. Thanks for being patient with me and my crazy internet!
Oh, and as you may have noticed i changed by background. I like the green dots much better i think it is a better fit with the header. I'm still learning all about blogger and the neat tools that come along with watching for my new "button". It was made by the girl who does my stickers and bus. cards. You will be able to copy and paste it to your blog if your a fan of Under The Polka dot Tree!

Happy Friday from "The Polka dot Tree Girl"
(that's what i got called earlier this week by a customer, and i loved it!)

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