Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Brother is getting Married....this weekend!

This is an old pic Corey and Danielle...but its so cute! Thats my lil' man his 1st Christmas
Bride Tee
I made this shirt for my SOON to be sis-n-law. My brother found himself a wonderful girl and a great addition to our family, i'm so excited for them! They are getting married this Sunday in Kingston at White Stone (a BEAUTIFUL plantation home).
Nick, Kolton, and I are all in the wedding so i will be busy starting tmro with wedding stuff. Therefore, i probably won't be around my computer much to answer emails. Due to family arrivals, bride and groom parties (both at my house, one fri. one sat...ahhhh!), rehearsal, and in the middle of all that i take my Praxis exam Sat. morning.
Am I Stressed? YES!!!

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  1. My friend got married at Whitestone a couple of years ago. We stayed in the library. It was beautiful. Good luck with everything!!!!