Friday, July 31, 2009

Because he loves it....

"ummy!" he's saying
Today as I was making Kolton and myself a Peanut sandwich i went to the sink to grab a paper towel and came back to the counter to find only bread on i pondered what happened to the PB it quickly hit me to look for my son. With no surprise this is how i found him (pictured above)... he decided while mommy was at the sink he should grab the entire jar of PB and run to the living room to eat it straight from the jar....forget the bread!! So as in most occasions like this...what is a mom to do?? Take a picture of course!! He sat and ate like that through half an episode of Dora. He loves PB like his Momma!

**note to self**
Never sit un-edible items on edges of counter top....i have a TODDLER!!!


  1. lol I have fugured out this one myself!! ha ha he is so cute..

  2. That's adorable! I found Sydney hiding beside the bed with Reese cups one night. I'll have to send you the pic.