Wednesday, July 8, 2009

he loves his ball...

Last night as I was laying Kolton down for bed...or as we call it "night-night" he wanted to take his ball to bed with him. At first i decided to take it away but when he cried like i hurt his feelings i let him have it back. He was so happy he just laid there holding his ball. So i kissed him good night and walked out. I figured he would throw it over the bed and then go on to sleep. But, when i went back into his room to check on him he was fast asleep hugging his lil' ball! i thought it was so cute so i did what any mom does when their kid does something cute..i took a picture ((and prayed i wouldn't wake him with the flash)) I didn't! Kolton loves ball any size, shape, or color. I have to say basketball is his favorite though. I have never seen a toddler like ball so much. He honestly shoots ball about 90% of his day. He will share almost any toy with you just don't ask for his ball. I think we have a NBA star on our hands!!


  1. Is he beating Nick in H-O-R-S-E yet? Tell Nick he's lucky. He gets to play ball with his child--I'll soon know how to comb Barbie's hair the right way. jk I wouldn't trade it for the world!


  2. He is getting there, you know how much he loves to play ball. After all he has almost broken your camera lense with one a couple times! haha...well, barbie does need pretty hair Daniel!!