Thursday, July 16, 2009

**FYI** (revised)

Just a couple FYI's i thought you might want to know!!

**The Giveaway will end on the the 19th and the winner of a free Tee will be posted on the 20th!!!
**The reason for the lack of post is i'm working on a order of 28 shirts....yup 28 all done by friday!! So i've been alittle busy!
**Also, you may have noticed the price for "name shirts" has changed from $18 to $20. I promise the price will not go above $20 for this shirt!!! I did it for several small reasons. one is i never have cash to give back $2 change when customers give me twenties....sorry for the change!

**All other orders will be finished next week. On the list...
-Ashley's Soldier boys
-Baby gift for Izabelva
-Sarah's Brag shirt
-Baby gift for Cooper

In other news...
**I PASSED my Praxis Exam!!!! That means i student teach this fall and Graduate in Dec. I'm super excited!!!
**Thanks to God's neverending love and your prayers and support, my family is beginning to heal after losing my nephew....its still hard and we miss him terribly. It will be a long road.
**I'm taking Kolton's Papi (pacifier) away. i started "weaning" him yesterday. He only gets it at naptime and bedtime now. Any suggestions on how you did it are helpful!

Ok now back to sewing!!!
Happy Thursday Everyone!!