Saturday, January 9, 2010


I haven't gotten to post any this week, because i've been on bed rest and in and out of the Dr. I haven't gotten to sew any either. I woke up Tuesday morning with some cramping and other complications so we headed to the ER. after an exam, ultra sound, bag of fluids, and iv of meds. later we found out the i have a small amount of blood around my uterus. The baby is doing great though, with a strong heartbeat and measuring 7 weeks. I was told to take it easy with hardly any activity and i went back Thursday for more blood work, and friday for a follow-up exam. Everything is going ok for now, and we are just praying hard that this problem resolves itself. I go back Tuesday for another ultrasound and they'll make sure no more blood is there. So please keep me and my lil' trouble maker, (i mean sweet baby) in your prayers! :)

I was hoping to share last week shirts with you and Christmas pictures but the blog "uploader" isn't cooperating with me, so hopefully tmro!

P.S. All orders ordered last week will be finished this coming week, i can now do light activity with no lifting, but sewing is ok! Thanks!

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  1. Praying for you and little one...take it easy..and NO STRESS! Happy Weekend to ya girlfriend!