Monday, January 4, 2010


Well, its back to the real life around here. I haven't been blogging so i could spend some time with my family. For the past 5 months i've done nothing but student teach, write lesson plans, and sew it seemed like. So for the Holidays i really wanted to catch up on some family togetherness! And i did just that!! I hope you did too! I sewed very few orders and spent most of my nights watching movies and hanging out visiting with all my family. My husband was off work alot for the holidays so we enjoyed our time together, i would of hated ruining that by heading to the sewing room every night. I only sew after i lay Kolton down for night-night. So the only one missing me is my sweet husband , so he deserved alittle attention.

Also, i did alot of other things like catch up organizing the house and doing some reading i've been wanting to do. I'm still not finished (i like about 100 pages) and i'll be done with the Twilight series....and.....OH MY GOSH!!!! These books are WONDERFUL!!! I've become obsessed with the characters! If you haven't read it YOU SHOULD!

Ok, onto my next topic....this is the BIGGY!! I've been really sick for about a month now with my stomach. I thought it was a stomach virus or something. But, after about 3 weeks i started feeling all too nauseous familiar. Even though i was on birth control i thought it wouldn't hurt to take a pregnancy test. I never thought i would see what i saw.....

Yup, TWO pink lines.
So for the last week i've walked around in SHOCK. I think yesterday was the first time i could talk about it and not feel overwelmed!
We are so excited! Although, the was not in our plans for a couple more years, it was in God's. I feel very blessed that God has given us this blessing. So many woman can not get pregnant easily, and i don't know why i deserve for it to be so easy for us. But, i'm VERY thankful for it!! Kolton doesn't have a clue when we talk to him about it, but he will be great as a big brother i'm sure!

Well, i hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Mine is one i'll never forget :)
Its great to be back...keep checking back for orders, i'm back in the sewing room tonight!

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  1. Congrats! I am sure you will have a bunch of cute baby stuff made soon.